ScoopRX is led by one woman with a commitment to helping animals thrive. She assembled a team of veterinarians, nutritionists, naturopaths and compounding veterinarians driven by a passion to offer animals a holistic approach to support their vitality.

ScoopRX founder Marian Nilsen

Scoop Rx Founder Marian Nilsen is a longtime breeder and trainer of performance horses who has owned, operated, and managed show barns for more than 30 years. 

Nilsen has been an active participant in nearly every equestrian discipline. Her love of horses was fostered on a dude ranch, and she rode hunter-jumpers and evented before finding her way to the sport of dressage. Bringing science and experience together, she continues to own and operate a dressage training operation out of Hickory Corners MI, with her horses' needs continuing to motivate the evolution of Scoop Rx products. She understands first-hand how providing the nutrition our animals need to be happy, healthy, and sound can be overwhelming.

“I care so deeply about horses, and I appreciate how hard everyone is trying to do what's best for their horses...I'm fully invested in supporting that.” 
– Marian Nilsen, founder of ScoopRX




Over her career, Nilsen shared the same frustration many others have experienced with products and complicated nutritional programs either not meeting expectations or not being fed properly. Knowing first-hand the time and effort it takes to implement excellent nutrition is time we could have to spend doing what we love with our animals.

She also understands the importance of managing a feed room. “After years of experience in my feed room, visiting other feed rooms, talking to staff, owners and trainers I am always shocked at the amount of time it takes to prepare meals and the level of organization required to eliminate human error.” 

Determined to offer a line of nutraceutical products comprehensive enough to help animals thrive as simply as possible, she began to ask:

  • Why are we were scooping so many extra supplements into the feed?
  • Why are some animals not responding?
  • How can nutrition unlock my animals fullest potential for as long as possible?

She learned if you want to simplify all these benefits into a scoop, there isn’t much room for anything other than what works!

With the help of brilliant canine and equine teams of veterinarians, nutritionists, naturopaths and compounding veterinarians, Nilsen developed ScoopRX. The Scoop Rx team approached the solution by looking at the animal as a whole and never compromising on quality ingredients. Learn more about the benefits of Scoop Rx here.

“I want people to have the ability to experience what the power of nutrition can really do for horses and how it can support their hopes and dreams with that horse and help them reach their goals.”
– Marian Nilsen, founder of ScoopRX



Nilsen began with the aim of creating a single, all-encompassing supplement. But she quickly realized that not everyone needed the most extra-strength product. So, she created a family of Scoop Rx products in color-coded tiers.

Additional products were made to support horses of specific needs, such as mares, high performance horses, older horses, and horses rehabbing from injury.



To provide additional gut support, Scoop Rx also introduced its line of liquid supplements, also tiered, and kits for digestive health. A selection of canine supplements completes the lineup.

 “My life revolves around my animals. At the end of the day when my head hits the pillow, guess what? I am looking forward to doing it all over again when I wake up.”

– Marian Nilsen, founder of ScoopRX