At ScoopRX, we use science and experience to create effective formulas to deliver results. Our formulations unlock the full potential of your animal and simplify your feed room, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love.

We believe good nutrition works from the inside, out. Experience teaches us that excellent, easy to deliver nutrition is a must. Advancements in science allow us to develop comprehensive care to support the animals we love to live happier, healthier lives.

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ScoopRX formulations combine therapeutic amounts of proven active ingredients. We never use fillers, sugars or any additives that are not optimal for your animals health. We seldom add synthetic ingredients to our all natural sourced ingredients—ONLY if nutrient absorption becomes enhanced. Our products are produced in small batches, and we only source potent and standardized active ingredients that deliver therapeutic results. Our comprehensive portfolio of products:

  • Balance diets
  • Build wellness
  • Develop athletes
  • Support Longevity
  • Restore Vitality
  • Aid recovery
  • Boost performance

From fulfilling your animals daily nutritional needs, to helping them with stressful situations and supporting everything in between, ScoopRX helps you do more for your animal through all stages of their life and career. And we do it with fewer scoops!

A Simpler Approach to Comprehensive Nutrition

  • High grade, active ingredients without fillers, sugars or additives 
  • High potency means higher nutrient absorption for your animal
  • Fewer scoops make feeding time more palatable with less waste
  • A holistic approach supports daily wellness and ensures animals' bodies are equipped to handle the stressors of training, competition, and everyday life
  • Science-backed research with results that are achieved naturally

A Safer, More Organized Feed Room

  • Each of our Daily Scoop containers are filled with exactly a 30-day supply of supplements, so you know exactly when you'll need more and how much your horse has received in a given month.
  • Fewer containers means less clutter and a more efficient feeding and meal prep process
  • Color coded containers help eliminate human error, streamlining communication between your animals' caretakers and standing out in often-dark feed rooms.


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ScoopRX's team of veterinarians, nutritionists and naturopaths rely on advancements in science and compounding veterinarians to build comprehensive formulations. Click here to learn more about who we are.

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Science has taught us that natural, top-shelf ingredients that isolate the most potent and active portion of a plant work best when combined in ratios proven to enhance benefits. The full ability of these individual ingredients are unlocked when combined into one effective formula.

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At ScoopRX, we believe to achieve long lasting results we must treat the animal as a whole. Our ample experience with animals has guided us to produce complete, easy to deliver, “all-in-one” supplements that simplify the feed room. Our formulas combine top-shelf natural ingredients that work synergistically, making them much more powerful and potent for maximum absorption for the benefit of your animal, building wellness from the inside out.